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I invite you to a global conversation on what it means to find strength and resilience no matter what is happening in your life and in your world.

What does it mean to you to be resilient, to thrive?  Let's talk with each other to learn how to live life more fully, even thriving from change, disappointments and the tragic as well.

The ability to recover or bounce back from hard times is resilience.  The ability and grace of thriving as a result of falling apart is resilience.  It is a natural ability, but sometimes we need to rediscover its qualities.  I have been studying, teaching and living the qualities of resilience for over twenty years and wrote The Women's Book of Resilience* to expand on the twelve qualities that make up the core being of strength, flexibility and security in the face of being surprised, confused or terrified.

Let's come together. Starting with ourselves, men and women,  prepare to deal creatively with the unknown, the uncertainties, the disappointments and tragedies of everyday life and the ever-expanding complexities of our world.

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* Review of the book by Publishers Weekly, February 14, 2005.