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Book Description

Over a decade in practice

Over more than a decade,  Beth Miller has helped hundreds of people in her therapeutic practice and  through teaching.  These  people have learned to be more resilient and survive life crises. They  have become deeper, more powerful, and more authentic human beings.

Find meaning and purpose

Packed with information and exercises, The  Woman’s Book of Resilience is a smart, often funny, book that can  help any woman thrive amid life’s ups and downs. When we cultivate  resilience, we mine the awful, or merely annoying, experiences in life  to find meaning and purpose.

An accessible and practical guide

The Woman’s Book of Resilience is an accessible, practical guide  to bouncing back. "We know that resiliency reigns because we survive to tell our tales of misfortune, trauma, abuse. Indeed, we are built  to be able to go to the edge of life and come back with heart and soul elevated. . . . We are built to be resilient, to be able to take sure  and steady steps over rocky terrain."

12 achievable qualities
Beth Miller offers 12 qualities that help women develop and learn resilience.  Readers learn to:

1. Admit and embrace vulnerability

2. Practice and increase the ability to connect

3. Find manageable parts of the problem

4. Discover their needs and get them met

5. Recognize their gifts and talents

6. Develop the ability to say no and set limits and boundaries

7. Practice transforming resentment and forgiving

8. Use their sense of humor

9. Use the power of staying and leaving

10. Find meaning in crisis

11. Endure suffering through crisis

12. Both stand alone and rely on others

Easy-to-use format
Each of the twelve qualities is a chapter with case histories, stories, and plenty of "try this, this, or this"—exercises to  turn to again and again.

With a foreword by June Singer, author of  Boundaries of the Soul.